Training is one of the best tools management has to ensure competency and quality employees.  Through training, Bullero Trucking is able to provide services efficiently and safely by taking into account preservation of life, environment and physical resources while adhering to prescribed law and regulation.



Bullero ensures all fleet are provided with GPS Teletrac systems. With fleet management software, we can maintain satisfaction from order to delivery. We can make daily work go smoothly so that we can exceed our customers expectations.

Bullero Trucking was founded in 2013.  Bullero Truck & Crane has become an established trucking company that continues to deliver safe and dependable transportation services to customers. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all associates, clients and vendors. In addition, we aspire to support society by making every effort to stay safe on all roadways and promote responsibility to fellow passengers.


Mission Statement

Company Responsibility 

About Our Company

Bullero Truck & Crane mission is to be a leader in the industry, leader in providing transportation solutions with the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Bullero Trucking is passionate about sustainability and continually finding ways incorporate the environment and our community into our everyday business activities as well as our long term goals as safely as possible.

Operate so safely and courteously that we enhance the image of the trucking industry with the public and make safety our competitive advantage.

Achieve a level of financial performance that inspires the confidence of all our customers, provides a desirable quality of life for all of us at Bullero Trucking.

Christopher T. Lujan